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Placenta Previa

General Information

Placenta Previa (sometimes spelt Praevia) occurs when the placenta implants low in the uterus and covers, either partially or fully the os (or opening to the cervix). Partial previas early in pregnancy often "move" away from the os as the pregnancy progresses and the uterus expands. Placenta previa can lead to second and third trimester bleeding. If the bleeding is severe, delivery of the baby is often necessary. In almost all cases, a caesarean section is required because the placenta is covering the opening to the cervix (occasionally the placenta is low lying and on the edge of the os, in which case a vaginal delivery may be possible). There is no treatment for placenta previa as such, although bed rest is often prescribed, especially if there have been any bleeding episodes. The biggest risk is a haemorrhage, and for the baby a premature birth, the baby may also be on the smaller side if the placenta isn't functioning well.

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